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What is?

CVPFrameWork is a set of classes for PHP5 developers. It's not specifically web oriented but it's focused on a lower lever. For example, make the script creation easier, database access, working with Sockets, mail sending, error control... and of course, it also helps with web logic development. Nowadays it's at development status. We are using it in our projects, but we recommend not to use it for critical applications

The development started with the first PHP5 beta versions, but almost all development and tests were done under PHP5-RC1. The last classes were developed using PHP5-RC2 and we haven't had any problem. However, till we do more exhaustive tests we can't guarantee that it will run smoothly under PHP5-RC2.

What "CVP" means?

To know the origin of "CVP" acronym we need to go back in time.

In our daily job we had developed many on-line shops, but one in special has special requirements (products comparison, products relation, an user personalized categories tree...). To be able to develop that shop, we found a solution that consists on storing products like an object and its attributes. Later, we started calling this solution Characteristic-Value Pair (aka C.V.P.). Then, we saw this system was powerful and we decided to start an open source on-line shop (aka CVPShop) which used it. But to start that development, first we need a good class system that allows us to write a simple but powerful code. CVPFrameWork is that class system, and when it is finished we will use it to develop CVPShop. We don't know if there is some pattern that stores data in this way. If you know about one, please let us know, so we can call it by the correct name. If it has been developed by a person, we want to acknowledge him/her.

Version naming

CVPFrameWork uses the following version naming scheme: x.y-kn

  • x.y - Version number. We start with 0.1, and we will increment this number until 1.0. That version will be the first complete version. These numbers aren't decimals, that is, after 0.9 it follows 0.10, 0.11 ...
  • k - This string indicates the version state:
    • a: The version is alpha. The code can be rewritten in future versions, and may not be compatible.
    • b: The version is beta. Bugs are fixed and there are new functions. We'll make an effort in making these versions compatible.
    • rc: This is a 'release candidate'. Only bugs are fixed. All RC versions will be compatible. After this versions set, we will release the final version.
  • n - Indicates the minor version number (alpha1, beta1, rc3...).


CVPFrameWork is distributed as an open source code, under GPL license. CVPFrameWork is provided 'as is', without warranty of any kind.



We want to manifest here our gratitude to the following groups or people who, one way or another, helped with the CVPFrameWork.

  • Jorge Abalde, who collaborated actively in the original idea.
  • PHP Developers, for give us an excellent language.
  • All Open Source comunity, where we have obtained a lot of info, solved problems and fixed errors. And we hope to keep doing it.
  • To many pubs at 'A Coruña' (our city), becouse thanks to their beers (a lot of beers :-) many new ideas came to our minds.


If you want to help us in this proyect, let us know in the mail You can help us writting code, testing existing code, documenting classes, writing user manual... We can't pay you, but if you live in A Coruña (or you are planing to come), we will invite you to your prefered drink :-). Of course, if you use CVPFrameWork you are completly free to invite us :-)

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